Network and Infrastructure

Green-Friendly Data Center Design: Through the advanced technology of our green data center, after we have turned twenty seven servers of one of our customers into two highly efficient new servers, then this equates to:

Because of our state of the art data center we can provide our clients with secure, fast and consistent performance continually. We are also able to control the green technologies, making the BHP data center among the most energy-efficient in the world. We manage the most robust clean energy systems available, while still retaining the highest level of data center performance and reliability. Our green data center is the choice of clients from all over the world, then make us as both a cost-effective and environmentally conscious answer to their IT requirements. BHP has dedicated to do its part to protect the environment by focusing on improving energy performance and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Redundant High Speed Network Connections

Offering the Internet connectivity with highest quality and highest performance have paramount importance in our Service Level Agreement. Our data center benefits from numerous fiber optic fiber carriers out of several different paths from the facility. We have chosen the best Tier-1 bandwidth providers, guaranteeing minimal latency and blazing connections across the net. Our Juniper routers manage our border network connectivity operating BGP4 for redundant and best route access to the Internet backbone carriers. All of these modules deliver the stability and redundancy that are the basis behind our 100% Network Uptime Guarantee.

In-Row Precision Cooling

The BHP data center uses in-rack temperature sensors that adjust climate via our precision spot cooling systems. Precision-based air conditioning is distributed intelligently and automatically in the precise quantity and where required to maintain best air conditioning levels for all our IT equipment. Distinct of traditional data centers, our cooling systems intelligently dispense cooling in an efficient way to minimize power consumption.

Smart Aisle & Cold Containment Systems

The BHP data center utilizes Cold Containment Pods for each section of its data center, providing the ultimate efficiency in precision spot-cooling. This technology radically reduces the power consumption and carbon footprint of our data center as compared to traditional data centers. We employ modified HVAC economizers to leverage the cold temperatures of the northeast into reliable HVAC energy during the wintertime, further increasing our efficiency.

Redundant Power Systems

The BHP data center employs multiple layers of redundant power to ensure nonstop power delivery through each server. The Emerson in-row UPS systems guarantee continuous protection and regulated power to be always delivered. The Power Bus Bar provides multiple, redundant delivery of power for every rack. Our on-site diesel generator and external diesel fuel tank, support the facility to operate up to 48 hours and forever beyond that since we have agreements with suppliers, independently of all utility grid power without interrupting the service to our data center.

Security On-Site

The BHP data center is made to U.S. Federal Government standards with thick concrete along the perimeter, also additional strengthened walls and security improvements. We have installed innovative security systems and infrared based surveillance monitoring cameras. Clients are not allowed within the facility except escorted by trained security personnel all the time.

Solar Power

Our on-site solar power generation is one of the exceptional green characteristics that makes BHP distinct from all other data centers. Our state-of-the-art on-site rooftop solar array makes available clean and pollution-free power. The roof is covered with solar panels, forming an enormous clean energy-producing power plant.

Hydro Electric Power

Clean, renewable power is transmitted straight from New York's Niagara Falls Hydroelectric power plant which complement our solar energy. The energy from The Falls is some of the cleanest available, and BHP is using this steady power source to further lower carbon footprint for our domestic and international customers.