Larry M. Gardner

The support is very kind, patient and quick to answer all of our questions, so we decided to let the BHP know about it.   The Uptime is great and the servers are very fast. We'll keep sharing good words about the BHP as the company and the services you provide.

Francine Stallworth

Hi, I have switched to BHP and its now been two months and not even a single downtime. I did not had any major issue with my previous webhost but due to some plugin issues of my WordPress, I decided to switch to BHP, which my friends highly recommended to me. Now I recommend.

Wallace A. Pizarro

Yes, we knew that BHP is a great hosting company, but we didn't know that you have such a great support. Today we've been looking for an answer in a certain topic, and I've been served by one of your staff which was very helpful.

Ray A. Gutman

I have been a BHP reseller for about 2 years. Recently, BHP upgraded my reseller account from my older server to a brand new state of the art server. The support I received from the migrations team was nothing short of spectacular.

Michael Padilla

I got very good experience overall. I would definitely recommend BHP cloud servers if you are not concerned about the prices. Really stable and fast. Each customization was handled quickly and efficiently. Go for it.

Daniel A. Altman

Never just canned responses, but perfection and personality in support! Most support requests were replied to within 1 hour. Many times, the resolution was within a few minutes. SO IMPRESSED WITH BHP !!!!

Justin W. Howell

If the service will remain as good as before in the future, I'm not going away. In fact, in the past I convinced a colleague to move to BHP, plus a friend who bought then a reseller package.

Sheila R. Finnegan

I would like to say thanks to your company and employees constant for quick actions! Five star service. I will continue to use your company in the future, I know that whenever I may have an issue your team will promptly fix it.

Evelyn Woodward

Well, now that I have been using BHP, I don't have any complain. I am aware that 3 months are very short to write a review, but I just thought to share my experiences. I just hope that BHP continues improving services and we the users would continue getting benefit more from BHP.

Rodger Gold

I liked the many different features and software that are included in the cPanel and the way that they are grouped together which makes them easier to find and use.

Anthony E. Lee 

Support was very patient with me an helped solve my problem. Thanks.

Reed W. Randel

Fast response, personable and friendly customer service representatives.  A so far! Keep it up!

 Rebecca Wood

As a new Joomla user BHP is giving me great opportunity to build my website. I am so impressed with the speed of the servers!

Linda Boulanger

 I am so satisfied with their hosting and their tech support that I will move all my sites to BHP as they expire with other hosting providers.

Todd S. Melton

I've been a very loyal and happy customer of BHP for many years now. I rate them and their fast and highly knowledgeable team AAA+ in standards and service.

Michael H. Walsh  

I am starting a new business. My website and hosted services are key to success. Fortunately I have the BHP  assisting me so quickly and accurately they feel like my own staff.

Paul J. Larocca  

I am completely and utterly amazed at the extremely efficient and proficient customer service staff at BHP. I can`t recommend them enough.

Jose Noah

After many years in my business I can sit relaxed and be sure that my clients data is online and secure. Feels great to be in safe hands.

Kyle M. Messer

I see you are very professional company and hope many new sites and recommendations for BHP will be done.

Donald Terrell

Quick and very good! Even took the time to explain how the problem was resolved.

Tony B. Cary

Great response time, and clear directions on how to fix the problem. Thanks! Always fast, always courteous, always trustworthy.