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All Servers include : Self Healing Server Technology with Automatic Failover, Automatic Backups with Snapshot Roll Back, Remote Reboot and Remote Console, Multiple Flavors of Windows and Linux 32/64-bit Operating Systems with 100+ Pre-Ready Software Applications, 100% Network Uptime Guarantee, 24x7 Support via Phone/Help Desk and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.


We Stand Behind The Technology of Our Cloud Servers

 Traditional web hosting servers work in a linear design without redundancy or scalability. It is inevitable to have some form of business unavailability from exceeding disk capacity of the server, hardware failure, human error or having a software crash in some day. This disruption could cost a business significant loss of data, time and money.

With our Cloud Hosting model, the single point of server model is replaced by an enormous system of multiple clustered HyperVisor Virtual Operating Systems that are attached to infinitely scalable CPU Power, Memory and high-end SAN (Storage Area Network) File Servers. Furthermore, redundant ultra-high capacity network connections and control modules guarantee trustworthiness and always-availability for our cloud servers.

Cloud Saves You Money: Our Cloud Servers help you greatly reduce your IT costs. No more expensive servers in your office to replace every year and no need for expensive IT experts. You can start small now then you can upgrade anytime when more resources are needed.

Cloud is Reliable: Our Cloud Servers are self-healing, redundant and always available systems. Should a server ever go down, it self-heals and replicates to a new server within minutes and the cloud server is back online automatically with our amazing self-healing technology.

Cloud Protects Your Data: Our Cloud Servers are all protected by the backup systems providing daily, weekly and monthly backups. We remotely back-up the cloud servers and provide you with instant and anytime access to the snapshots. Our backup systems operate via advanced, encrypted connections to ensure your business' data are always protected.

Cloud is Green-Friendly: Our Cloud Servers are not only reliable and cost-effective, but they also help save the environment with their on-demand structure.

The Virtualization Layer

Each Cloud Server is a virtual machine abstracted from our clustered hardware. The HyperVisor system provides reliability, scalability, security, performance and automated backups for your business. New cloud servers are deployed instantly and can be scaled for more CPU, memory or disk space on demand.

CPU Bursting

Your Cloud Server has a certain amount of CPU power based on the size of the server you choose. However, at times when there is extra CPU power available from the host hardware we exploit it and provide your workloads with extra CPU power without additional cost to you.

In-Place Resizing

Scaling up your Cloud Server is simple. There is no hardware to upgrade or software to reinstall. With the click of a mouse, your Cloud Server is taken offline for a moment then the CPU, RAM and disk space resources are adjusted and the server is rebooted. The entire process is automated and it takes just a few minutes.