What is Security Certificate or SSL ?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) will act as a secure layer between your visitors and your website. It will encrypt information such as Credit Card details and it will give your visitors more confidence to make purchases on your website. You can check the lock icon within the address bar of any website whether its current connection supports SSL or not. If the security certificate has been issued for your specific domain, then we call it Private SSL.

Private SSL requires a dedicated IP that is assigned to your website. E-commerce based websites are supposed to have a Private SSL to accept credit cards within their website. Meanwhile if you plan to use a third-party credit card processor, i.e. PayPal, you don't need SSL since the buyer will enter the credit card details on the PayPal website and PayPal checkout page is already SSL enabled.

There are three types of security certificates generally. Domain Validated, Organization Validated and Extended Validated. Security levels are not determined by validation types. Domain validated SSLs are as secure as others, but  Organization and Extended Validated SSLs aim to give more confidence to the visitors by showing them more detailed information about the website when you click lock icon at the address bar. The Key Size (i.e. xxxx Bits) of the certificate shows the size measured in bits of the key used in its cryptographic algorithm.


Every Private SSL requires a dedicated IP that you can get as an optional add-on to your website via your client panel. If you will use PayPal, 2checkout, etc. simply you don't need SSL. If your website requires SSL, 2048 Bits SSL is recommended for optimized security and website speed balance. You may choose any of the solutions below or may have any other branded SSL for your website, as you wish.

Free, Domain Validated Security Certificate, 2048 or 4096 Bits Available at StartSSL

$49, Domain Validated Security Certificate, 2048 Bits GlobalSign One ClickSSL is available via your cPanel at http://yourdomain.com/cpanel